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The new OVO lasik+lens based in Minneapolis, mn. OVO was founded by dr. Lobanoff, the award winning lasik doctor.

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    surgeon experience

    A world-renowned leader in the LASIK industry, Dr. Lobanoff is recognized across the globe for his contribution to the advancements in Laser Vision Correction.

    From the moment you meet Dr. Mark Lobanoff, you’ll know you’re in the best of hands for your Laser Vision Correction procedure (LASIK or PRK). He has committed his entire career to being amongst the most extensively trained and seasoned refractive surgeons in the world. Dr. Lobanoff’s dedication to his patients never ceases. He went on to partner with Alcon, the leading laser manufacturer, to develop Phorcides LASIK, which has revolutionized the ability to achieve the clearest vision for his patients. He now trains and mentors other refractive surgeons throughout the US and world-wide on this technology so they can achieve the same outstanding results for their patients.

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    Superior technology

    The technology advancement in LASIK you’ve been waiting for is here.

    The most advanced form of LASIK in the world right now is known as Topography-Guided LASIK. Dr. Lobanoff founded the software, called Phorcides, that drives this technology. At OVO, you’ll have Topography-Guided LASIK performed by the founder of the software that delivers the best possible result in LASIK.

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    Best Price

    At OVO we don’t want price to stand in the way of you having the very best for your eyes.

    OVO pricing includes your personalized procedure with Dr. Lobanoff, a world-renowned LASIK surgeon, the most advanced Wavefront-Guided Phorcides LASIK treatment, follow up care by industry-leading doctors and staff, and the OVO Lifetime Assurance, which includes optimal local support standing by you every step of the way for years to come. If you find a lower LASIK price somewhere else — we’ll match it and include all the benefits of OVO.

    Being straightforward, honest and upfront about everything we do, our Clear LASIK pricing is no different. While many “LASIK shops” look attractive by advertising higher rack prices that can be deeply discounted, these ‘smoke and mirror’ tactics leave patients feeling confused and often paying more than LASIK at OVO.

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    Your committed partner for the lifetime of your vision needs. Our dedication to your best vision throughout life doesn’t end with the immediate LASIK experience.

    The OVO Lifetime Assurance means you have a committed partner in your quest for the very best vision throughout your lifetime. OVO will stand beside you if there are any changes in your vision after your LASIK procedure. If additional LASIK or PRK (two different types of Laser Vision Correction) can be performed, it will be done at no charge to you.

    Because OVO does more than LASIK and PRK, we will extend this Lifetime Assurance into your later years as cataracts develop. It’s common to need Laser Vision Correction after cataract surgery, and this will be done for our ADVANCED LENS OVO patients as a courtesy in order to deliver the very best vision throughout your life.

    * Former patients of North Suburban Eye Specialists and Whiting Clinic: Contact OVO directly for special support consideration.

    “OVO changed my life! Thanks to Dr. Lobanoff and RLE, I have ditched my reading glasses for good!! Life is too short not to see it!!”

    Dez, ks95
    “Dr. Lobanoff in my opinion is a once in a generation type of doctor! They gave me my vision back and I can never thank them enough. It will be the best gift you ever give yourself!”
    Crisco, ks95

    “The impact that LASIK has had on my every day life is incredible. When you really stop to think about it, Dr. Lobanoff truly made my life better.”

    Profile-Image-FalenFalen, kdwb

    “LASIK has really changed my life. I never feel tired anymore because off my contacts drying up! It is the best decision I have ever made!”

    Profile-Image-TommyTommy olson, kfan

    “Dr. Lobanoff truly changed my life….Now, my vision is better than 20/20 and I couldn’t be happier that I got LASIK from Dr Lobanoff!”

    profile-image-NordoNordo, kfan

    “I have never felt more taken care of and happier…and the pricing, I was shocked at how amazingly affordable it was for a single dad like me to get LASIK.”

    Hutch, ks95

    “You’ll never regret an investment in yourself! And to live a life free of glasses has been the best thing I never knew I needed! Thank you OVO & Dr. Lobanoff for the best gift I ever gave myself.”

    Ryan, ks95


    Thank you!


    best lasik experience + best lasik pricing + lifetime assurance

    ovo Pricing includes:

    – Your personalized procedure with Dr. Lobanoff, a world-renowned LASIK surgeon.
    – The Most Advanced LASIK Technologies
    – 12 months of Follow Up Care
    – The OVO Lifetime Assurance, which includes optimal local support

    Find a lower LASIK price elsewhere  —  we’ll match it and include a