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Restorative Lens Exchange (RLE) is a procedure that replaces your eye’s natural lens with an artificial one, designed to correct presbyopia and restore your ability to see at all distances. It’s an effective solution for those who want to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.

The ideal candidates for RLE are individuals experiencing presbyopia, which typically occurs in people over the age of 40. It’s best suited for those who wish to have a permanent solution to their vision issues and for those who may be predisposed to developing cataracts.
While LASIK reshapes the cornea to correct vision, RLE replaces the natural lens of the eye. This not only corrects vision but also prevents the development of cataracts in the future.
Patients who undergo RLE at OVO benefit from the expertise of some of the most experienced doctors in the field, like Dr. Mark Lobanoff. The procedure offers a permanent solution to vision correction and a potential freedom from glasses or contacts.

Yes, since RLE involves the removal of the natural lens, which is where cataracts form, it effectively prevents the development of cataracts in the future.

Dr. Lobanoff strongly believes in the RLE procedure’s effectiveness and has performed it on his wife and his best friend from medical school, both of whom experienced significant improvements in vision.

Recovery from RLE is typically swift. Most patients can drive themselves to their post-op visit the day after surgery, where their healing process and vision improvement are assessed.

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